Thoughts on “PC Culture”

Starting off strong here, but I figured why not, also because this is the most recent thing I’ve thought about so let’s begin

So Todd Phillips recently talked about how pc culture has ruined comedies. But here’s what I think about that. Comedy films still come out all the time, it’s just that raunchy comedies aren’t as popular as they used to be. It’s in a down time, all genres go through this.  But outside of that I think it’s a load of rubbish. The only people I see out there are the ones that complain about pc culture and “SJWs”. By that I mean that I’ve seen way more people complain about “political correctness culture” for a long while now over people talking about something that offended them. I just laugh whenever I see people complaining about it, because it’s usually the people who created the culture in the first place. If ‘pc culture” is a real thing, then somebody had to put the idea into our heads. I mean we grew up in a time where when someone didn’t like something it was evil or corrupting the youth and should be banned. Whenever they didn’t like something they created a parental group to try to change stuff. Such as in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers when Lord Zedd became silly because parents complained that he was too scary for their children. It’s a thing that’s been going on for a long time, it goes back to popular music and how jazz or rock n’ roll was corrupting the youth so we have to stop playing it. Even then, times change, things we used to find funny aren’t that funny anymore. 

With the internet we have an easy way to educate ourselves on to why people find things unfunny or offensive. The internet has allowed more people to have their voices and opinions heard and so when people don’t like something or find it offensive they can get their feelings out there much more than in the past. Even then offensive comedy still exists in this day and age, South Park is still on the air, Always Sunny is one of the longest lasting sit-coms of all time, Family Guy is still on the air. Heck we live in a time where so many comedians have been able to make money off of complaining about pc culture. Offensive comedy is one that a lot of people try to do, but is it really worth it? I mean if the joke comes off wrong or doesn’t land like you want it to, you’re now an asshole. All that matters is the execution of the joke, intentions don’t matter, all that matters is how it comes off and how the audience responds to it. You could have the best intentions for a joke, but unless those intentions are laid out before hand, than the only thing that matters is how it’s received. People now just aren’t as willing to receive jokes like that anymore. Outside of that, comedies just aren’t being made as often anymore because of the variety of content out there on the internet. Why pay to see a movie when I can go to YouTube for free to see all kinds of stuff. Even then, comedy is a genre that is really subjective and what kinds of comedy people found funny even a year ago, could change to today. Even then, you can be funny without having to put someone else down. At least nowadays, when it comes to this stuff there’s a dialogue created around it, it’s not just “this is bad and so should be banned” people are talking about what offended them and why. We’re in a better place to deal with this stuff than we were even 20 years ago. I mean just look at the constant suggestion of banning violent video games because parents don’t want to listen to what the ESRB says about the game. It just takes me back to the amount of times I’ve heard “oh, who knew the generation that grew up with South Park would be so sensitive” over the past few weeks and months. I mean I don’t get why being sensitive is a bad thing, it means you’re thinking of others and allowing yourself to feel emotions for others and thinking about others when you do and say things. I don’t know, i think it’s a societal thing to work on as a whole.

Wow this got into me rambling pretty darn fast, in the future I’ll try to be more organized when it comes to posts like these. I might also be coming back to make some edits or additions to this post going forward.

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