Introducing Myself

Hello, my name is Andrew and this is my blog

I am a student, and have been for a long time, and now technically a filmmaker. I am a fan of many things, including pro wrestling, comic books, movies, tv shows, toys and more. I decided to start a blog to be able to organize myself and the things I think about all in one place, as well as to get my thoughts out there. I have been posting movie reviews on my personal facebook for a few years now and I’ve finally decided on giving them their own place to be. This blog will feature all of my interests as they all relate to each other. I have blogged in the past for school projects that are still up if you want to see them. I wanted to keep posting on them but I fell out of it quick. So I’ve created this blog to try to keep myself creative and to give myself something to do. I’ll probably be constantly changing and editing stuff as we go along to get my posts and the blog itself to a point where I’m happy and proud of it. So join my on this ride as we go throughout my mind.

My First Blog Post

So I finally decided to do it. I finally made myself a blog. This blog will be a place for me to organize and share my thoughts to those that want to read them. The content I’ll be putting here will be whatever I want it to be, from movie reviews, comic book reviews, toy reviews, to just random rants and ideas I have on the daily. So strap in and we’ll see where this takes us. Before I start posting, a lot of the stuff I’ll be posting, especially early on, will be reviews that I have been building up over the past few years on my personal social media pages. Although I will be adding to them in a post sense to see how I feel about the film this many years later.