My Thoughts On #RestoreTheSnyderverse

This may upset or make a lot of people angry, but that’s ok.

So I’ve been seeing a lot of talk lately about people wanted Snyder to come back to DC to finish off the story he has been working on with Justice League 2 and 3 after the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League was released on HBO Max. So far it seems to have been a hit critically and among the fans being positively reviewed by most people I’ve seen, even those that don’t like Snyder’s films, and those that don’t like his version of DC. Now I haven’t seen his Justice League yet, but I have some thoughts about this. I’ve enjoyed Snyder’s DC films, MoS was underrated to me and I love BvS, especially the ultimate cut. To me, I don’t see him coming back. I think that people should lower their expectations and don’t expect them to make more. I think we should be happy that we’ve gotten his cut, as WB and DC won’t return to Snyder going forward. I know people both will and won’t be happy with that, but we should face the facts. 

The first, Zack Snyder left originally for a number of reasons, and one of them being that he couldn’t handle the amount of studio interference that was happening on Justice League. And whether we wanted it to or not, that would happen on the two sequels as well. Remember, DC and WB are the ones putting the money into it, and they will have as much control as they want as they want to make sure they get their money back. There’s a reason they interfered as much as they did, the Snyder films were not the hits they wanted them to be. They only barely made their money back on his films, so it makes sense that they are gonna interfere as much as possible to ensure they get their money back. There’s no way that they’ll spend the $1billion on the sequels to Justice League, when they know that they likely won’t make their money back on films they don’t know or think will be hits. They especially won’t put that money towards someone who is a very polarizing figure amongst fans. 

Now you might say, “well they got him back to do the Snyder cut right?” That’s because they saw they could bring attention to their new streaming service, while spending a little bit of money to refinish a film that’s already mostly done. I mean Justice League was already done and made most of its money back, and they’re probably making bank on the Snyder cut after only spending $70 million to refinish the film. Heck they’re able to do another release with the Justice is Grey edition. So that’s 2 cuts AND they didn’t have to pay Zack to direct. They did pretty well for themselves with this. The only other reason they got Zack back was that they gave him creative control over the film. So he did it as a tribute to his daughter, as a way to bookend that stage of his life. And returning to do more sequels might bring back bad things from that time, as a lot of grief was caused by the amount of changes DC was making to the film.

Another the Snyderverse won’t be back, all the stuff that happened surrounding Justice League. A lot of stuff happened on the set of Justice League after Snyder left/was forced out. A lot of stuff that had been in the news since, stuff that WB will want people to forget and be distracted by. Stuff that by continuing the Snyderverse, they’ll have to deal with. Stuff they won’t deal with, as has been shown in Ray Fisher’s Accountability > Entertainment movement (I guess it could be called that). This is all stuff that won’t be dealt with, especially by the point that the sequels could get made. The people that created, reinforced, and encouraged that environment will still be there, and will directly benefit from the sequels. And so if the sequels do end up happening, they will likely happen without Fisher as Cyborg. I mean we haven’t heard anything about the solo Cyborg movie since A>E started. I don’t think Snyder wants or really should go back to that environment.

Remember people, Snyder will not have the freedom with the sequels that he had with the Snyder Cut. If we get the Sequels, it will likely be a mixture between Justice League and BvS in terms of studio involvement. 

In terms of the wider DC movie verse, I also don’t see them continuing it to avoid confusion. I know they’ve talked about going about it as more of a multiverse, but we haven’t seen anything with that yet. So there will be a lot of confusion around that and with what is in what timeline. I mean Marvel has barely even scratched the surface with the idea of the multiverse, and that’s an important part of Marvel’s future. I think DC really needs to think about what it wants to do, cause outside of The Batman, The Flashpoint movie, and maybe Black Adam, everything else stays within the same universe and timeframe. 

Yes I would like to see what Zack would have done with the sequels, but the way DC is going that won’t happen unless it fits into what DC wants to do with their movie universe. I think the only way we’ll see it is if DC decides to do them animated. That way they don’t have to worry as much about being as involved as there’s not as much budget, and because it could be a smaller production we could see Zack have more control over the films. As they won’t do it live action, especially spending that much just to put it on HBO Max, which would be one way to avoid confusion. But again it’s likely not going to happen no matter how much people want it to. No amount of fan hashtags will cause them to spend that money, as it will not turn into box office, as we’ve seen in the past. 

In the wake of the release of the Snyder cut we’ve seen a number of other hashtags and things calling for other cuts. Like the Ayer cut which also won’t happen, or the George Lucas cut of the Star Wars sequels. Which to me is either a joke, as people have been saying that the Snyder cut didn’t exist for years until it was announced that it was coming. The reason I think this is because the George Lucas cuts of the Star Wars sequels actually don’t exist. There is no footage, no scripts, no version of a George Lucas lead sequel trilogy. George gave Disney an overview of what he would do with a sequel trilogy, but it’s pretty obvious that they didn’t go that route. And again, Disney would not spend the likely over $1 billion to remake the sequels with George Lucas as the creative lead. 

In short, I would like to see the Zack Snyder lead Justice league sequels, but I don’t see it happening. And please, stop putting down other movie universes to make yours seem better, there’s a reason they’re doing well.

If anyone wants to talk about this or whatever, please leave a comment and be respectful.

WandaVision Follow-Up (Spoilers)

So after making that post yesterday about the show, I thought a bit and a bunch of questions came to mind, so here’s a follow up. 

When or how did Monica break through Wanda’s control, cause she said that she was under Wanda’s control but acts like she still was when the kids were born. She didn’t go in undercover so how did she mention Ultron and all that stuff. Was that when Wanda started to lose control over the world? 

How did Wanda not know about Agatha until the end? Was she that good at pretending that Wanda didn’t notice? 

Did Agatha go there before Wanda was there to set up shop, or did she bend the rules around her home to put the basement in? Was Agatha the one to give Wanda the visions of the dead characters or was that just Wanda losing control?I mean a little bit of Agatha comes out when she talks to Vision as the “real” Agnes with her laugh and how she doesn’t react like the other people do that have been under control for a while.

How much of this was unconscious for Wanda and how much was a conscious decision? When did Wanda learn it was her and that she had control over the world? Was it from the beginning or when it got to the 70s? We keep seeing her saying that she didn’t know what was happening and how she has control over it, yet we see her exert immense control over it, with being able to exit it and to expanding the world. I wonder if a part of it is the power taking over her in some way. 

How did she not know that Pietro was a fake? Was it that she wanted to believe so bad that she let it go? Or why didn’t she make Pietro like she did Vision and the twins? If he’s a fake, how did he still have the same super powers? Did Agatha give them to him or what? How did Fake Pietro have a knowledge of what was happening, did Agatha give him knowledge as well? It’s interesting as he has a rough knowledge of their past, but doesn’t know the exact details. I wonder if Agatha is using Pietro to talk to Wanda in some way, like he knows about the sitcom thing and how she’s controlling everyone. I guess we’ll never know. He makes jokes about things that someone shouldn’t be able to in Wanda’s world, like with Monica mentioning Ultron.

Did the mindstone give Wanda her powers, or did it just awaken her latent abilities? Did being around when the snaps happened hepled awaken her potential, or was that letting the grief get to her? 

If Agatha saw what was happening and came to see, why didn’t Doctor Strange come to check what was happening as well? I mean it was going on for a while, there would be enough time for him to find out, I mean he showed up when Loki was on earth in Thor 3. 

Will this lead to an almost reverse house of M, as this was kind of an adaptation on a story where Wanda and vision have children that are found out to be pieces of mephisto’s soul (parts of the soul of essentially the devil, comics for ya) with Agatha being Wanda’s teacher that she defeats in that story. I mean Wanda’s barrier gave Monica abilities, or at the least awakened latent abilities? So will something in the future lead to Wanda being the cause of the emergence of Mutants? I mean with the power that 2 infinity gauntlet snaps and Wanda losing her shit with her new abilities could cause that.

Will The twins come back, and how? Are they out in the multiverse somewhere (with the tease at the end) or will they be reincarnated like in the comics? 

What will happen with White Vision going forward? Will he end up with Wanda? How is he different from OG Vision since he doesn’t have the Mindstone?

Why did the director want to make Wanda out to be a villain, he had OG vision the whole time? In reality he didn’t really push her to do what she did, so why do it? Did he do it to test out the new version? Or did he do it to get the energy to power the new vision? Does the new vision have all the same abilities, or did he lose any mind abilities?

Will Wanda be the one to reforge the infinity stones? I mean in her world she recreated the Mind stone pretty well, especially since her recreated Vision was the same being and she couldn’t control him. Or will Wanda be apart of reforming the infinity stones since Endgame established how important they are to the universe? 

Now I will go onto some not really theories, but some speculation.

I think that Fake Pietro originally had a different origin but it was changed to what it was at some point. I think that Wanda will be an important character going forward, and could even be one of the main focuses of the next phase. I think that something will happen to that will cause Wanda to use her abilities to introduce Mutants into the MCU, but this would happen further down the line when Marvel is ready for that. 

I think that a part of Dr. Strange 2 will be finding Wanda’s children in the multiverse. I think that White Vision may have a part in it. 

It’ll be interesting to see where things go from here and if we’ll see the angry side of  Wanda come out again, like there’s a part of the show where she is kind of villainous and it’s interesting that we don’t see it much.

In terms of a sequel or second season, I don’t really see there being a second season of the show as it would be hard to follow up and explain what’s happening, unless someone else is doing it to Wanda for some reason. I mean I would like to see how the could do a series like this for different genres of shows (like supernatural mystery, action, superhero shows etc). I just don’t see how they can do it again. 

I still think the show is pretty good, it just raises a bunch of questions that might not have answers.

If anyone has any ideas or wants to talk about these, leave a comment below!

WandaVision (2021) Review

So i just finished binging my way through Wandavision and here are my first thoughts. So I decided for this one to do it episode by episode with general and over-all thoughts at the end. Warning, there will be spoilers in this. 

Episode 1

I love how much it matches the style of the 50s sitcom series, from music to comedic style, to commercials to everything. The performances are incredible and I like how slow it establishes everything in how off things are. 

Overall I think it’s a good first episode that establishes something is off and we don’t know what. Especially with the ending setting up stuff for the future of the series.

Episode 2

I like how this episode establishes itself as a bewitched inspired, with that intro.

I like the use of colour in the first two episodes as well as it really establishes when something is off, as well as the camera angles and how Agnes is there every time. I enjoy how there’s always something happening. That goes right back to normal. STRUCKER HYDRA WATCH. I really love when the weird stuff happens

Move onto the 60s time of sitcoms with colour.

Over all I think this episode isn’t as strong as the first, it still has some great moments and performances and all that. But it relies a bit too much on awkward humour which I’m not a big fan of. Still had some great off-putting moments though. On to the next episode 

Episode 3

The theme song this time is around is hilarious as you can tell something is off with it.

I like how whenever something happens that Wanda doesn’t like it changes.

It gets weird at the end too which I love. Overall a great episode with good weird stuff happening with the most revealing so far about what’s happening so far.

Episode 4

Starting off with the blip and the introduction of sword into the universe. Crazy that they’ve shifted a bit from the craziness of the show. A bit more MCU ish. Feels where things get serious. Feels like setting up the stuff we’ve seen throughout the series with the drone and Geraldine being Monica Rambaeu. Also cool seeing Darcy back. Feels the most MCU down to aspect ratio, colour grading, etc. Weird we’re getting an explanation episode this early, explaining a lot of the strange things we’ve seen so far. The first bit of reality we’ve seen, even in the sitcom world. Wanda definitely has something to do with this. This is a great episode, I didn’t feel the time go by at all in it. 

Episode 5

Gotta love 80s sitcoms. Again some weirdness happening. I love how the themes tell us a bit of what’s happening like how Wanda doesn’t exactly know the theme song, just making it up as it goes. Snap back to reality, of Monica. Our first view of a lot of these as grief. We can tell something is off with Agnes as she doesn’t notice things and does stuff out of the control. We’re seeing more weird stuff happen in the series. 

Big things are happening in this episode. This is where we start seeing Wanda as both protagonist and antagonist, that let her grief get the better of her, that she is learning how to deal with her grief. I love the use of the ways of the show for the story. I love how Vision is the one for reality and to seeing reality in how he doesn’t remember anything before Westfield, due to being dead. And that cameo in this episode of who we think it is crazy. Overall a great episode 

Episode 6

Love how the intros reflect what is happening on  the show. Including the malcom in the middle styling. The Halloween episode costumes are hilarious. I love the mixing of  sitcom and reality. Gotta love that injoke reference. I like how Agnes seems to be like vision in how she’s able to see reality, in how she tells vision he’s dead. I like how Pietro knows to. And with the random flashes of the dead versions of the characters. Another episode where stuff gets serious. Another great episode with some crazy moments.

Episode 7

 I already love the use of the modern sitcom to help Wanda get through the feelings of grief a bit. I do love how the modern sitcom is when Wanda starts losing control a little bit. I love how the commercials also are Wanda questioning herself as well. Monica confronting Wanda and seeing that Agnes has a part in this is pretty crazy and can be seen almost since the beginning. This episode is the full reveals of Agnes is Agatha Harkness in the show in full control of everything, messing with everything in this show. Also that song is so catchy too. Overall a big oh shit episode with one of the biggest reveals of the season. 

Episode 8

Interesting to see Agatha’s history and backstory, as well as seeing a different kind of magic than the kind seen in Dr. Strange. We also get to see the first full look at Wanda’s history as well. We also get to see why she’s in a tv world. This episode also shows how the infinity stones still have a part to play in the universe, with showing Wanda a vision of her future in a way. I like how while going though wanda’s life with Agatha in a way was helping Wanda move through and past her trauma. I enjoy how we also get to see Wanda and Vision’s relationship develop. Heyward is also a big of a reason for what has happened. We also see how Wanda did it and how she made vision. Her grief for the better of her. Also he’d finally seeing the set and reality of it is an amazing scene. Oh shit at the chaos magic and scarlet witch stuff. Overall another amazing episode with the biggest reveals of the show and some incredible things. And the insane cliffhanger at the end.

Episode 9, the finale

Here’s where the big super battle happens. Not a fan of the joke of who Pietro really is. I like how Wanda defeats Agatha and how Wanda has to sacrifice everything she’s ever wanted to make it right. Over-all this is a good finale to a great show.

General thoughts over-all.

I felt this show was an amazing example of what marvel on Disney + has to offer. It’s a creative look at a character that has been in the forefromt of a lot of the recent major events in the MCU, but didn’t know much about. This series fixes that by letting us see Wanda and be with Wanda for the length of 9 episodes. Being a TV series allows us to get to know Wanda better than we have this whole time. 

I really enjoyed how the series used and matched the tropes and expectations of sitcoms throughout the years as a way to examine this broken character. How things get stranger and more interesting as the series moves on and develops. I think they did an amazing job with matching the aesthetics of the years with some specific references to the sitcoms that have inspired the show. I also think that it makes good use of those tropes in when they’re set to show the slow decline of the world they’re in. The best example is using the interview angle of a lot of modern sitcoms to show Wanda’s decline and Vision’s questioning. I think that mixing between reality and the world wanda created is a good move in showing how powerful she is and the possible ways that Wanda could go in the future. 

I think the pacing and the story they’re telling was done very well. This is a story about grief and how you handle it, with Wanda showing what can happen when you don’t have a healthy way to deal with it. And it just so happened to cause others Trauma as well, especially after the blip. 

I think the show did a great job with the characters. Wanda is the stand-out of the series as we get to see how she has been affected by everything, and how she wants to keep a sense of a normal life that she can’t really has. The show also keeps that running theme of Wanda accidentally doing something that affects a lot of people. She is definitely going to be a major player going forward into phase 4. 

Vision is another stand out character as we get to see more of him, as well as his slow understanding of nothing is as it seems, including himself. 

Agatha or Agnes was a fun character when she was acting as a part of the show, but still was a good character when she went full villain. 

Monica was another great character, with her wanting to help save Wanda from herself and from her boss. It was interesting to see her origin story for her abilities that would eventually come. 

It’s fun to see Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis back and I think they made a great use of the characters, serving a purpose to the show other than being comedic relief. I hope that x-files type show comes out of it. 

In terms of performances everyone did an amazing job. The mixing of real self and show self and all that was just incredible. I also loved how they were able to match the performance style of each type of sitcom which must have been difficult. Some stand-out performances for me were Wanda, Vision, and Agatha. Elizabeth Olsen did an amazing job with the character, and how she could switch between the different versions of the character within the same scene. I think the same thing with Paul Bethany and Kathryn Hahn. They both did incredible jobs, with Paul playing double duty as Vision and White Vision. Everyone else on the cast also did amazing. 

It’ll be interesting to see what makes it out of the series (here’s hoping Billy and Tommy come back like they do in the comics). Another aspect of the show I enjoyed were the commercials and the intro themes. There are a lot of references there into just how much Wanda is trying to cover herself. THey’re all also funny in their own right. I also loved the kicks reference they snuck in there.

The use of effects in this series was amazing, sure some of the more cg stuff is a little weird, but everything else was amazing. The use of colour to show a bit of reality early on, and the use of the shifting aspect ratios was a brilliant choice to show the difference between the show and reality. 

The music was pretty ok, and the use of licensed music worked well for me. But it does fall a bit into the MCU prat-fall of not being too memorable. 

Now on for some stuff I would have liked to see and some stuff that I felt could have been done better. I would have liked to see a Doctor Strange cameo at the end to fully set up the next Dr. Strange movie, maybe that’ll happen in Loki though. I wasn’t too fond of the joke of who the fake Pietro really is. I kind of wish they did something more with him. I mean he has superseed in Wanda’s world so. Other than that there was some stuff I just wasn’t feeling as much, and I’m not exactly sure what and why.

Over-all this was a great series and a great example of what the MCU shows have to offer going forward. I’d say it’s worth a watch and I give it two-thumbs up!

Also good luck getting that Agatha song out of your head.

Also I would recommend it all at once so that way you can’t ruin the show for yourself with theorizing why stuff is happening or who a character is.