Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) Review

It’s been a while since my last post, I apologize for that, hope to get more consistent soon, but all that out of the way. Since the recent announcement of the Zack Snyder Cut of of Justice League being released on HBO Max next year, I decided to make this my next post. So here we go

“Just got back from seeing Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. It was amazing. The story was well thought out and handled really good. THe twists were great and I didn’t see them coming. The score is amazing and gave the movie and epicness that really helped it. It didn’t feel over stuffed or like there was too much in this movie. There weren’t too many characters and the league cameos were really good. THe cinematography was beautiful and awesome. THe action was shot amazing and nothing was hidden by any shaky-cam or darkness. THe effects were amazing and didn’t have any problem looking real. THe big fight between Superman and batman was great. THe reason for fighting was interesting and the reason they stopped fighting made sense. I know people like to make fun of it but I liked it.

 THe acting was amazing and everyone did really well in their roles. THis is the best Batman we’ve seen in live action. Ben Affleck was a great Bruce Wayne and an amazing Batman. He had a great fighting style (way better than the on from the Nolan movies). Henry Cavil again makes a great Superman and is even better this time around. I thought the chemistry between him and AMy Addams was great and their relationship was believable. Jeremy Irons was an amazing Alfred and was a better one then the random speech spouting Michael Caine was. I enjoyed Jesse Eisnberg’s take on Luthor Jr. He did really well in the role and you can sense why he is doing what he is doing. Gal Gadot is an amazing Wonder Woman and was totally badass. The Daily Planet crew was great as always. The comic imagery was amazing and had a lot of great throwbacks and references. THe batsuit is amazing, probably the best in the movies. THe set-up stuff for Justice League is great. THe final battle was amazing and really got this sense of dread throughout. Doomsday’s origin and powers were interesting and cool in how it came to be. 

The writing was great and the religious imagery was more out there, but in context really worked.  THe characterizations were great. Superman is feeling the repercussions of his action throughout the world. He is a being that is trying to figure out what he should do. His best intentions cause other people’s deaths and hurt. Batman is a man who lost people he cared about in the battle of Metropolis. He is a man on a warpath trying to save the world. Luthor appears to be just a kid who acts silly, but he is really a sociopathic crazy person who believes what he is doing is right. He manipulates everything, and if he fails, he decides that the only way to get revenge on his father that hurt him and made him this way, it to unleash a monster that could destroy the world. He also reveals something that won’t be mentioned here, but it is off massive importance. Over-all I loved this movie and thought it was amazing. 8.5/10. This was an amazing experience, and movie. It was awesome seeing the trinity onscreen and can’t wait to see the league.  And Batman kills the same amount of people he killed in past films.”

Looking back on this film, what with the four year difference since it came out as well as the extended cut of the film, I still feel a lot of the same way about it. I still love it and think it’s great. Yes it has a lot of issues and is a very particular version of the characters. While I do think that I would prefer a more classic version of the characters, I still think that this was a good film and good for what Zack wanted to do with the characters. I don’t think it’s pretentious or a “you just don’t understand it” kind of film. Yes I think Doomsday was used too early and that there could have been another way to do what Zack wants to do with the characters in a different way, even though we could see where he fully wanted to go with the story with Justice League, even though that will only be the one mini-series or whatever it’ll be, we could see where he wanted to go with them. Over-all I think it’s a Two-Thumbs up. If you haven’t seen it yet I would look at it a little bit as it’s a pretty divisive film.