Stranger Things 4 Vol 2 (2022) Review 

So I finished Stranger Things 4 Vol 2 and it was incredible. The show finishes this season of strong and sets a good tone for where the show will be going in the next and final season. Vol 2 finishes off the season in a way I wasn’t expecting, but really appreciate. This review will include my thoughts on the season as a whole. If you haven’t watched it yet than skip this as there will be spoilers and I don’t hold anything back.  Without further ado lets get into my thoughts on the episodes and move into the in depth review. 

Chapter 8: Papa

Incredible episode as always. We get even more of the stories coming together, the reuniting of the California crew and eleven, the end of the Dr Brenner storyline, the continuation of the russia stuff and the beginning of the endgame for the Hawkins crew. Incredible performances here and an actual sad ending to me for Dr Brenner. We get the confirmation that Eleven’s powers are back and showing just how bad the jock storyline could end. Jason is so obsessed now with what is happening. They do a great job of tension building in this episode, you really get the feeling that a lot of people are in danger this time, and they may not make it out unscathed if at all. An example, they are really building up for a possible death of Steve, Eddie, and Max. We also get a great scene of Will almost admitting his feelings to Mike and an emotional reuniting of the crew. Great stuff and great episode. One more episode to go, and it is going to be a dozy. Also that trailer music drop was a crazy but great way to end the episode on an epic but also kind of somber note.

Chapter 9: The Piggyback

HOLY FUCK HOLY FUCK HOLY FUCK WHAT AN EPISODE !!! Was the message I sent a friend of mine after finishing this episode. It’s an insane conclusion to this season that is equal parts awesome, badass, epic, sad, and somber. Incredible performances as always and mostly satisfying conclusions to everyone’s arcs and the season as a whole. Some incredible moments and seeing the gang back together was great. And holy crap the reveals of what has been going on this whole time and Vecna’s plan were insane. It was crazy and I’m glad that the consequences stuck. Like this is the first time they’ve truly lost in a way. They’re alive, hurt but alive, but the plan worked and it’s going to be interesting to see how the series ends. Incredible stuff. 

The story this season told was really interesting to me as the show hasn’t had to deal with stuff like this in the past. What happens in it is equal parts awesome and tragic, and does a great job at building tension and getting it’s point across. This season is the biggest season in the history of the show, being that the gang has been separated by literal continents. This separation is both a strength of the season but also a downfall. It is a strength as it shows how big this world has become and ups the stakes of the story showing the world and people this is affecting. It is also a downfall as it creates a situation where some of the characters feel like they are left behind in the dust of the rest of the show. It also exposes one of the issues with the show as a whole having to create situations for the characters to separate themselves handling their own stuff before they and the story comes together in the end. This also continues how trend has been going in the show with the characters not being together again until the epilogue of the season. It removes the character interactions that brought the magic to the show and I do wish we got to see everyone interact more. The separation this season creates what I’ll call an Infinity War situation, where the groups end up having the same goal but because of their separation it doesn’t really work out. I kind of like that, it shows how strong a villain Vecna is that this time they don’t win. The scooby doo, 80s movie plan didn’t work in the end. They fail at all fronts and the stakes for next season have never been higher. While they  may have shown him down, eventually Vecna will follow through with his plan. The major aspect has come to pass with the giant gate now open in Hawkins and the characters finally back together. It’s a bold decision to end the season this way, but does set up for an epic conclusion to the show. They really expanded on the world this show, giving us the past of the past of the upside down, showing us how the light stuff works, but also how The Mind Flayer came to be. 

One of the things that is repeated this season is the importance of memories. Good and bad, so much of this season is about how experiences shape people. From Eleven’s loss and regaining of memories to Henry’s ability to see the memories of others. Another important thing in the show is guilt and mental health. Venca is going after those with mental health issues who are keeping things inside, and he in a way is taking those away. He uses people’s bad memories and trauma against them and paints himself as coming to end their suffering. Once chosen they can only keep away for so long, and how good memories and music are ways of keeping away from him are an interesting factor in the show. He paints it as exposing the truth to the person, with showing Max that deep inside she wanted Billy to die, and I think it’s interesting how much this show and season over-all plays with this idea of the importance of the truth. Everyone in the show is lying to themselves and the truth will eventually come out, whether it did this season or it well next season. 

I’m going to separate characters into crews as for the majority of the show they’ve been separated this way.

Let’s start with the Hawkins crew of Dustin, Erica, Lucas, Nancy, Robin, Steve, Max, and Eddie. These are the characters with the most meat this season in terms of acting, character arcs, and moments. They’re the closest to the action for the longest amount of time and because of so are probably the most interesting characters this season. 

Gaten Matarazzo is great as always as Dustin Henderson. This season Dustin’s confidence has shot through the roof and is a lot more expressive and over-the-top with his mannerisms. His stuff is related to Eddie and their friendship together. They have a great chemistry together and still has great chemistry with the other characters. Other than facilitating theories and explanations he doesn’t have that much else to do this season in terms of arcs or anything. Maybe about him continuing to be himself after his relationship with Eddie. 

Caleb McLaughlin is also great as always as Lucas Sinclair. His arcs this season are really interesting and are tied to a lot of stuff that still hasn’t been fully completed yet. He wants to be popular and not seen as a nerd anymore but still wants to keep his relationships with the part and Max. This leads to a crossroads for him where he ultimately makes the decision to stay with his friends and give up on being a Jock, especially with what happens between him and Jason in the last episode. His wanting for everything ends up exploding in his face in a way when Jason pretty much costs Max her life after accidentally breaking her tape deck. 

Joseph Quinn was a great addition this season as Eddie Munson, the eccentric leader of the hellfire club DnD group. He’s a fun character this season, a metalhead free spirit who has been kept behind in high school a few times who the world thinks is a murderous cult leader. His interactions with the Hawkins crew are great and fun and his relationship with Dustin this season is great. His arc this season is him becoming brave and not running away anymore, which he has been doing for most of the season. This ends up with him giving his life to help distract the demobats from going after the rest of the crew in what would be a fruitless manner given how the season ends. It was sad to see him go but it was probably needed to show just how big of a failure the party has this season. He also had the most metal moment in the show playing Master of Puppets in the Upside Down to distract the demobats.

Continuing this trend was probably the stand-out character this season in Sadie Sink’s Max Mayfield. Probably her best season yet in terms of performance and character. Her arc was interesting and tragic and incredible all the same. Her arc throughout this season is about Vecna going after her for the trauma and depression she feels after the death of her step-brother Billy last season. It’s also about her opening up about her feelings to everyone as her guilt in relation to Billy’s death fuels Vecna’s desire to go after her. So much about this season is about her memories in terms of good and bad and how there is power in both. Her good memories can save and protect her while the bad are actively harming her. This results in her eventual death and Coma after everyone fails. She’s there now as a living reminder of their failure which is interesting to me, plus with her mind being elsewhere creates a mystery for the next season to handle if they want to as there were a few times I thought she was going to die for good. 

Everyone else here is great as always but don’t go on as much of a journey in terms of changing as characters to talk to much about. Joe Keery is great as always as Steve Harrington who shows how much he’s matured over the seasons. He’s finally open to Nancy about his dreams and his feelings towards everyone. He’s a badass this season as always and I really felt he was going to die in the last episode with how much time they spend on Steve talking about his dreams and the way his romance or feelings with Nancy have started rekindling. Speaking of Nancy, Natalia Dyer is great as always as Nancy Wheeler. She gets some great emotional moments and her skills as a reporter get her to find things out like a detective. She’s also badass this season and the defecto leader of the group and is really great at it. Her chemistry with Robin is great and is a fun pairing together. Maya Hawk as Robin Buckley is great again. This time around its about her becoming more confident in herself and to stop second guessing everything about herself. Priah Ferguson is again amazing as Erica Sinclair. Still as badass and blunt as ever. The other side characters are ok, they all do a good job with the material given and for what their characters are supposed to be. Jason is an ok character, supposed to be that movie jock who gets the town into a frenzy following what is happening. Although a lot of people don’t like his storyline or character, he is there for a reason. He facilitates the town’s probably learning of the truth in the next season as I don’t see how the situation could be solved without them knowing the full truth.

Next we have the Alaska/Russia Crew of Yuri, Dimitri, Joyce, Murray, and Hopper.

Everyone does a great job this season with their characters. They all get their good moments and some badass moments, especially Murray and Hopper. The only real arc that they had this season was Hopper refunding his will to live and escape his situation, and facing his past mistakes and decisions. As well as seeing how soviet people aren’t that different from them as they’re all in this situation and learn just how dangerous everything is. Especially when Dimitri and Yuri learn about what has been happening after finding all the monsters and smokey boy in the russian lab. This is definitely one of the storylines that show how big the show has gotten featuring a full demogorgon fight, prison escapes, a fight in a plan and a plane crash. I know a lot of people didn’t like this storyline, but I feel its necessary to show what they’ve been through, how determined they are, how far the problem can reach, and makes the reuniting that much sweeter. 

Next is the California Crew of Eleven, Mike, Will, Johnathan, and Argyle. I also put the Nevada Nina stuff here as well so I’ll add Dr. Brenner and Dr. Owens due to how important they are to Eleven’s arc. 

Their storyline is where I feel the show slows down as a lot of their arcs are related to other people. Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven is amazing as always. She no longer has that speech pattern and so gets to do more as a character. Her arc is about learning that she might have always been a monster since so much of this season and the show as a whole is related to her past and actions as a younger child. Considering that, in a way, she is the cause of everything once she sent One/Vecna/Henry Creel to the Upside Down in the first place all those years ago. An idea that she’s been debating with for the entirety of the show, if she is a monster or a superhero so it’s interesting to see it continue here. Right now it can be argued that she could be the monster. She created the true monster behind it all, even if it was accidental. It’ll be interesting to see how her story ends in the next season but it will be interesting.

Matthew Modine was amazing again as a returning Dr. Martin Brenner. We really get this sense that he is more complicated this season than we’ve seen in the past. We see the manipulative and controlling side in the present and in the past, but we also see how deep down in his own way he actually does care about the kids in his care at Hawkins Lab, as well as in the present with Eleven. In a way he’s right this season, Eleven is not ready for what is truly coming and she was not. I do think that he is a monster in a way as while Eleven was the one who sent Henry to the Upside Down, he is the one that created Eleven in a way. It was cool to see him return and give Eleven closure to their past together. It was also kind of sad to see him go, especially with how much we learn about him this season. 

The next few people I’ll gloss over as they don’t have too much to do this season other than travel to get to Eleven. Finn Wolfhard was good this season, not as good as past seasons but that’s because he doesn’t get too many emotional moments this season to work with. His arc continues the seeming theme of this season about how important it is to tell the truth about how you feel to the people you care about. Something that some other characters don’t accept yet. His other role is to lead them to Eleven and to do Eleven’s CW Flash “Run Barry Run” speech in the last episode to motivate her to fight. 

Next is Noah Schnapp as Will Byers. He is great as always and gets some stuff to work with this season being that he wants to be truthful with Mike but just can’t for a number of reasons. He gets some great emotional moments and does well with the little that is given. Hopefully his importance comes back next season which it very well could given where the show is going in season 5. 

Next is probably the character with the least to do this season in Charlie Heaton’s Johnathan Byers. He doesn’t have much to do this season since so much of his arc is not wanting to tell Nancy the truth about his college choice. It sucks to see a character that had so much importance in past seasons. He has some good character interactions this season and has good instincts in the face of danger but also his brother and notices how he feels. Honestly while writing this I can see where they were going with Johnathan this season and possibly next season as his arc doesn’t feel finished yet, but he also feels like he’s torn between telling Nancy the truth of how he feels vs possibly just letting her go as he doesn’t want her to give up her dreams for him. This was probably reinforced when he talks to Will in the pizzeria in the last episode. He has a great chemistry with his stoner friend Argyle, played amazingly by Eduardo Franco. He was a fun character this season bringing in a lot of the comedic relief during the frankly boring sections of them traveling to find Eleven, as well as during the intense moments involving the military. He’s a lot of fun.

The Last character I’m going to cover is the amazing Vecna/One/Henry Creel, played greatly by Jamie Campbell Bower. He’s an amazing villain and I’m happy that he didn’t die this season. He’s really intimidating and creepy and his MO is interesting. I do think that him being this “I want too destroy and remake the world” person when he was a child is a little meh, but I get it. The OG special child who can see the true horrors behind people’s lives. I kinda wish it was more that he wants to change the world for the better, now his better is removing the structures that humanity has made for itself  which isn’t a bad idea. He actually won, his plan worked and he survived. I like how he’s able to give Eleven a run for her money even before he became Vecna. The only thing about his character that I’m iffy about is how he’s the one that created the mind flayer. I mean I like it but also don’t like it. I like it in that it gives the show a villain with humanity that could be reasoned with in some way, as well as one that has a connection to the characters. I don’t like it as I feel like it removes the mystery from the past seasons, and how this eldritch being that has motives beyond our control is now the creation of an angry psychopath. I do have an idea about that though that I will cover later. Over-all he’s a great villain with a lot to do, and I like how he straight up Michael Myers at the end. 

Moving on now to the technical aspects of the show. The computer effects are mostly great this season, especially in terms of the environments in the Upside Down. They really show how big the show has gotten with the environments and just how much we see of the Upside Down which was great.  The demogorgon looked great and it was cool to see what it could really do in the prison sequences. A stand-out is the combination of practice suit and CG over-top that made up Vecna. He looked great and was a good decision to have it be a suit with CG on top. I also think the sequence of the gate opening throughout Hawkins was great and looked amazing, and how destructive it was. Where it falls a part a bit is on people. Most of the time when its a CG person it can look pretty bad, like when One is falling into the Upside Down it looks so weird. I’m ok with it on the victims as it can be explained that when he does his killing he unnaturally affects them and takes everything about them so it is ok if it looks uncanny. Other than that the plane stuff looks weird externally, probably could have used more time to look its best. The cinematography was great this season and really helps show the level of budget this season had. A lot of creative moments and some great stuff. A Stand out being the way the show shoots the action this season. It all looks clear and well-thought out, you can see it all and it looks great. The stand-out being the firefight from episode 4 was incredible and a ballsy move to have it be done in one cut. I felt like the editing was also great this season, loving the music montages jumping around the groups and what they’re doing. The use of music this season was amazing as well and very well-done. The Detroit rock city scene from episode one and the Master of Puppets from Episode 9 were  both great moments and very well done. 

Over-all this season was amazing and I can’t wait to the next. It was emotional, funny, epic, and tragic. It is well worth the watch if you haven’t yet. Two Thumbs up. 

Now the main review is done, I’m going to talk about some theories that I have for next season.

  • Hawkins will learn the full truth about everything that has happened in the show
  • Eleven will likely die, probably killing Vecna
  • Eleven could show that Vecna that he doesn’t have to do this, maybe she apologizes to him for what she did to him
  • Will will be brought back to importance and not just being the radar he was in Season 4, even though we see that he still can when back in Hawkins
  • Likely going to be some major character deaths this season 
  • Steve and Dustin will be fun together
  • The gang with be in hiding due to the town still believing that Hellfire is a cult, and the military being after Eleven and the California crew
  • I think that the gang hopefully won’t be separated as they spent a whole season apart and it would be nice to have them back together for the final season
  • There will be epic battles
  • Some crazy stuff is going to happen
  • Will could be the villain with how his story went this season, being unable to open up about his feelings and being the perpetual third wheel in everyone’s relationships. 
  • A general theory I have is that The Mind Flayer was an already existing entity with the abilities it already has, and that Vecna just gave it form and a purpose. And it gives Vecna the power to do what he wants.
  • That there will be a character introduced with a name that starts with B and ends with a E sound that people will like and will die. Every season has had it happen. Benny and Barb from season 1, Bob Newby from season 2, Billy from season 3, and now Fred Bunson, Dr. Martin Brenner and Eddie Munson from this season. 
  • I think that there could be some kind of time shenanigans 
  • That Max could be the key in all of this given her situation at the end of the season

At the end here I’m going to include these incredible posters by Billy the Butcher for the episodes of the season.

Stranger Things 4 Part 1 (2022) Review


So Stranger Things 4 is finally out now, at least the first part is. It’s been a while since we’ve seen our favourite group of troublemakers and the adventures they go on. I’m happy that they’re finally back and I can’t wait to see where we go in the future, as this is basically the beginning of the end. This first 3/4s of the season establish and reveal so much about the world and about the history of of what has happened. The season isn’t over yet so when Part 2 is released I will do a full season review with everything about the characters and arcs and all that stuff. We’re getting close to the end but we’re not there yet so the arcs aren’t finished and still have a ways to go. I will still talk about the stuff that I liked or disliked about the season so far. There will be spoilers here so if you don’t want anything spoiled than go watch it and come back. But first, here are my thoughts and impressions after watching each episode.

Chapter 1: The Hellfire Club

HOLY SHIT WHAT AN EPISODE INTRO ! Give a different view of what happened in the past between Dr. Brenner and Eleven. Just wow. It really gives a re-contextualized look at what eleven has done in the past in the lab. Interesting opening and introduction to the characters. Interesting to see where the characters are now in their lives in high school. A lot more cinematic and more creative in the editing between locations and characters. A good example of this is the editing between the hellfire club scene and the basketball championship scene. Also the parallels between the sinclair shots is great. Doing a lot this season to separate the characters again (with Lucas trying to be popular and Dustin, Mike, and Erica missing the game). Does a good job of creating tension with figuring out if certain things are real or not. The tension mostly comes from the Chrissy scenes. And Holy Shit that ending ! Over-all for a first episode its good, not the best of the series but to me my favourite parts are the beginning and the ending. The most interesting stuff happened in those parts. So far I find that my interest in the series usually gets more as the season goes on as that’s when everything hits the fan. It’s going to be interesting to see how this psychic creature will affect the series in the coming episodes. I already can’t wait until the part of the season where the characters all come together to figure out and stop what is going on. So far good use of cliff hanger endings

Chapter 2: Vecna’s Curse

Interesting intro, showing what happened to hopper and how he survived. We continue to see this throughout the episode, getting to see where Hopper has been and where one group of characters are going to be. This episode was better, we get to see Mike and Eleven back together, with third wheel will. We get the group of Dustin, Max, Robin, and Steve together doing what they’re doing. Getting the first view of the monster for this season, and a little of the story surrounding it. The dungeons and dragons monster inspiration. Something that we have kinda seen before and more from last episode with showing more of this emotional murder mode that Eleven gets into. We get more of the main two storylines going forward and the likely eventual clash between Dustin’s group with Eddie, and Lucas’ basketball group. As well as another victim of Vecna’s curse. Overall an episode I like more than the first, less teen drama and more of the stuff that I like from this show. Mike is a lot less of a prick so far and it’ll be interesting to see where that storyline goes in the future. Also our first view of the upside down this season. 

Chapter 3: The Monster and the superhero

WHAT AN EPISODE. Things are starting to come together for the characters. MAX IS THE NEXT TARGET AAAAHHH. The possibility of the return of Eleven’s powers, the coming of the clash between the jocks with lucas and the “freaks” with eddie and dustin. Lucas having to reconcile his two lives along with all the other stuff going on. This episode is great and gives us more to look forward too in the future. I can’t wait to see where we go from here.

Chapter 4: Dear Billy

WHAT AN EPISODE……..AGAIN! This episode was intense, crazy, and the OH SHIT episode. The episode where things go downhill in the first half of the season. THINGS ARE GETTING REAL. My god this was Max’s episode. So incredible. One of the most pulse pounding episodes so far. I was internally screaming at the end here just my god. We got things going wrong with the California crew with probably a military attack, we got things going wrong with the Russia/Alaska crew, and then of course we got the full view of the upside down with Max and her struggle against Vecna. Incredible episode with a relatively feel good ending. 

Chapter 5: The Nina Project

Another great episode. We’re seeing more interaction of the stories such as Jason’s storyline with Eddie intersecting with Vecna. Eleven seeing DOCTOR BRENNER ALIVE AGAIN and helping her to restore her powers. It’s interesting how they’re making her go through her mind and memories to gain her powers back, which should be useful with Vecna due to going after grief and guilt.  Again going to be interesting going forward.

Chapter 6: The Dive

HOLY SHIT! Another pretty good episode. More of Eleven’s training arc, the noose around Hawkins tightens ever more so now with the kids being hunted by the public due to Jason galvanizing the populace to go after Eddie. It’s getting bigger and bigger. 

Chapter 7: The Massacre at Hawkins Lab

HOLY CRAP ! What a way to end this part of the season! An incredible episode where the separate storylines have officially merged together. Along with the biggest reveal of the season and bringing the flashbacks back to the origins of the series itself. As well as THE BIGGEST REVEAL thus far. Insane episode showing just who Vecna is and just how powerful he and Eleven are and will be again. We also find out what Vecna is doing and why he is doing it. We also get some cool scenes showing what the different physics are like for the Upside Down. But I can’t wait to see where this goes forward, and what Vecna’s plans are for Nancy and why he revealed everything to her. It’s a good place to do a season break as it answers questions that we have had since the very beginning, but also leave more for the end of the season, and even the end of the series. This is an episode full of Holy Shit moments. We got that flashback reveal, we got Hopper and the Russians fighting a Demogorgon (it’s been  a while since we’ve seen you), we got a full CG Demogorgon slaughtering a bunch of people. Like it was crazy seeing just what a Demogorgon can do. Just an over-all incredible episode.

As you can see, I’ve been enjoying this season. It really brings it up to another level and makes everything much bigger now. It’s a much more cinematic season, a lot more stuff is going on and happens than has happened in the past. More of the town is involved, the military, cross-country and even in Russia. The world of this story continues to get bigger and bigger and it’ll be interesting to see just how big it’s going to get in the future. It’s bigger even in what we see of the upside down. We see a lot more of that dimension than we’ve seen in past seasons. With multiple characters going there for extended periods of time in the wide open reaches of the dimension, as well as people in their mind going there. We also get a lot more action this time around. We get a bit more stuff outside of power scenes and being chased by vans, or the action of last season. Like we got the scene at the byers California home, and the plane scene that really shows how they’re experimenting with the show and with what they can do. Which is going to be good for the final season as it feels like that’s going to be something big and epic. This season feels more psychological horror based than in the past. So much of the horror this season has been in the minds of the characters that are hunted by Vecna. A lot less of the more overt body horror of the last season. It also ups the ante of the dread felt by the characters as this isn’t just another example of having to close a gate or stop a monster. This is a monster they have no chance of fighting at the moment, especially since there are a lot more gates and a much more dangerous monster. The music so far this season is incredible as always, and the soundtrack is great again as well. 

I have really been enjoying the characters this season. Mike is a lot less of a prick than he’s been in the past, especially last season. He still has his moments but he still cares about eleven even after knowing that she’s been lying to him this whole time. He can still be an asshole but he almost always immediately regrets it and apologizes to people. Johnathan and Nancy have an interesting arc showing how important communication is in a relationship. And how Nancy and Steve are kind of rekindling their relationship together a bit.  Max and Lucas have an interesting arc about communication and the truth that almost costs Max her life. Lucas is really interesting as for the first half he’s caught between two halves, he wants to be popular and to not be bullied anymore, but he also wants his friends. At the moment he has chosen his friends that he has basically gone to war with, but these two sides are going to clash sooner rather than later. The alaska crew is on an interesting arc, it’s not finished yet so I can’t say more about it. Same with Will as his arc is tied to Mike and Eleven’s and we definitely aren’t at the end of that yet either. Eleven’s arc is really interesting as it’s forcing her to confront her past to get her powers back and maybe be even stronger. She thinks of herself as a monster, but its about her learning about her past truths and that she is both right and wrong. I won’t elaborate more as it’s not completely over yet. I can say they learned from the second season about having Eleven go on an arc about becoming more powerful and accepting of herself. 

I like the new characters introduced, Especially Argyle and Eddie. Both are fun characters and bring a lot of the comedic relief in the show, which is needed due to how intense it can be at times. The friendly orderly from Eleven’s flashbacks is an interesting character, showing how hard it is to truly find someone to trust in this system. He is interesting in the first few times we see him, but gives us some of the biggest Oh Shit moments in chapter 7. The returning side characters are really good this season, especially a surprising return of someone we haven’t seen in a while, and a different side to him than we were used to seeing the last time we saw him. 

Some issues I have with the season so far are that Will right now feels like a bit of an afterthought. He’s around for the ride but his arc is so tied to the Mike and Eleven arc that he doesn’t get to do much this season. Although his Arc does tie into some of the over-all themes of this season. I guess it means he’s getting a bit of a break from being so tied to the upside down in the past. Although I’m surprised given how popular he’s been the past couple seasons. Another issue is how at this point the formula of the show is kind of now in the open and we’re more aware of it now than we have in the past. Like now we gotta separate someone of everyone else to go off somewhere else to do something, and its Eleven again like in season 2. Although it’s handled better here than it was in season 2 and it felt like she was missing from the show for so much of that season. Whereas here her arc and what she is going through is a lot more integral to what is happening in Hawkins and is a part of the major storyline over-all, as well as the over-all themes of this season. I’m not sure how I feel about the Russia and Alaska stuff yet and what it does for the characters, as it’s not just over yet. Also the affects are mostly pretty good, like the upside down and Vecna look great, but some of the CG over-all is kind of iffy. Especially the de-aging this season as that can be a little uncanny valley sometimes. 

I would say the themes of this season so far are that you have to face and confront the truth, even if you don’t like it and could affect a lot. So many of the arcs this season are about characters confronting and admitting the truth about themselves and their feelings. Pretty much all the character arc are about them not being truthful to themselves, to others, or even to their own psyche. If we go even further, the truth of what is happening, and event he truth of what has happened all these years to the town. The next few episodes are going to be interesting seeing these truths come to light. 

Over-all this is a great season so far. It’s intense, funny, scary at times, and over-all an enjoyable ride. I can’t wait for the next episodes to finish out the season.