Spider-Man: No Way Home(2021) Review

So I just got back from seeing Spider-Man and it was amazing. I’m gonna try to keep this short so I avoid spoilers and possibly later on at some point have a spoiler post. I was considering doing them at the bottom of this post but I would rather do a separate post with them in it This is a film that you really need to go into with no prior knowledge of the story to get the full experience from the film. I try not to pay attention to a lot of what is said out there, especially during the making of the movie and I still had some stuff ruined for me. It’s still a really good movie though, with a lot of strengths. 

The story and plot were really good and went into interesting ways that I was not expecting. It was really interesting to see how this movie in a way broke down Peter as a character into his basics and is going forward with that. It’ll be interesting to see where the series takes him in the future, with the way it leads him and the rest of the characters at the end of the movie. 

The characters were all great in this movie. The heroes, the villains, the friends, everything was great. I really enjoy what they did with the characters and where it leaves them at the end of the movie. I find it interesting how we got more of Dr Strange than I was thinking we would get. He was very interesting as the hard mentor trying to teach Peter a lesson that he needs to be taught on his own. Peter in this movie is amazing. Probably Tom’s best performance as the character with how much shit he goes through. I would call this movie almost the full origin of the Spider-Man we all have known with the way he ends the movie. I enjoy how the situation in the film is almost entirely his fault and he becomes the solution. 

Everything else in the movie is great as well. The score is great, the effects are great, the cinematography is really good. The fights scenes are incredible. The fights are brutal and Peter really gets beat up in this movie. The rest of the action is really good as well. The humour in the movie also worked pretty well for me. It really fit the tone of the universe as well as the characters. 

I really enjoy how they turned Jonah into an Alex Jones type figure. 

Over-all I’d say Spider-Man was really good and is well worth the watch. It’s a fun ride that goes in ways you don’t expect and creates an interesting head to the Spider-Man Home trilogy. I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite movie of the year (I think that’s Dune at the moment), or MCU/Marvel movie, or even Spider-Man movie but it is up there. 2 Thumbs up, go see this when you can. Admittedly with the current COVID situation that might not be a while for some people. 

I left this for the end because it doesn’t really have to do with the movie itself. My biggest issues with the movie are more to deal with the experience surrounding the movie. The theatre experience over-all was mostly ok, the audience cheered and clapped at certain points which can be fun, though the people next to us talked the whole way through. My other biggest issue is that this movie is a victim of the internet. I’ll probably do a post on this someday, but the constant need for people to find out every little detail about this movie kind of ruined the experience a bit as in the end so much about the movie is out there and I kinda hate it. Like let people be surprised we don’t need to know every single thing about a movie. 

Also I lied earlier I’m gonna spoil a bit through raving about what happens…….So Spoilers incoming.












It was really cool to see a lot of the old spider-man movie villains back. We get the best of both worlds with not having to establish new versions and it really works in the movies favour. Seeing Molina back as Doc Oak was great and by god was Willem Dafoe incredible as The Goblin. He’s a highlight of the film as both Osbourne and Goblin. He beats the breaks off Peter and is amazing. His new costume is amazing as well, without the helmet it allows Dafoe to really play it up and is probably scarier in this movie. I love how in both their fights they Power-bomb each other and Gobby even gives Peter a spine-buster Arn Anderson would be proud of. I really like the use of the older spider-men and how it’s like they are taken from their time now. They have a great chemistry together and it’s cool we get to some updates to them and how their lives have gone in the time since their last appearances. They’re also where a lot of the comedy comes from, and their stuff works really well in the movie. I kinda want a Disney + series or some sketches where Maguire and Garfield are reacting to the adventures that Hollands spider-man has gone on. 

I like how this movie is a much better version of One More Day, it takes the main concept of that storyline but does away with all the aspects that make it infamous. I also like how it uses the story to turn Peter into the one we know and love from the comics, but here it’s kind of new as this is his first time this way. He’s broke, alone, living in a shitty apartment with a homemade costume. We get to see them do science stuff together and it’s so good. 

The Dr Strange stuff is really good here as it ties into the current major idea of this phase so far which is the multiverse. We get some cool imagery and Peter even uses his neediness to his advantage in the fight with Strange. I also like how the trailers do hide some of the stuff from the movie in it so they don’t fully give away everything. The post credit scenes are pretty interesting, one is kinda funny but leaves us with something interesting (which will be interesting to see where it leads going forward) and the other is a teaser for Multiverse of Madness which is INSANE. 

But yet overall a great movie and end to the trilogy. 

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