WandaVision Follow-Up (Spoilers)

So after making that post yesterday about the show, I thought a bit and a bunch of questions came to mind, so here’s a follow up. 

When or how did Monica break through Wanda’s control, cause she said that she was under Wanda’s control but acts like she still was when the kids were born. She didn’t go in undercover so how did she mention Ultron and all that stuff. Was that when Wanda started to lose control over the world? 

How did Wanda not know about Agatha until the end? Was she that good at pretending that Wanda didn’t notice? 

Did Agatha go there before Wanda was there to set up shop, or did she bend the rules around her home to put the basement in? Was Agatha the one to give Wanda the visions of the dead characters or was that just Wanda losing control?I mean a little bit of Agatha comes out when she talks to Vision as the “real” Agnes with her laugh and how she doesn’t react like the other people do that have been under control for a while.

How much of this was unconscious for Wanda and how much was a conscious decision? When did Wanda learn it was her and that she had control over the world? Was it from the beginning or when it got to the 70s? We keep seeing her saying that she didn’t know what was happening and how she has control over it, yet we see her exert immense control over it, with being able to exit it and to expanding the world. I wonder if a part of it is the power taking over her in some way. 

How did she not know that Pietro was a fake? Was it that she wanted to believe so bad that she let it go? Or why didn’t she make Pietro like she did Vision and the twins? If he’s a fake, how did he still have the same super powers? Did Agatha give them to him or what? How did Fake Pietro have a knowledge of what was happening, did Agatha give him knowledge as well? It’s interesting as he has a rough knowledge of their past, but doesn’t know the exact details. I wonder if Agatha is using Pietro to talk to Wanda in some way, like he knows about the sitcom thing and how she’s controlling everyone. I guess we’ll never know. He makes jokes about things that someone shouldn’t be able to in Wanda’s world, like with Monica mentioning Ultron.

Did the mindstone give Wanda her powers, or did it just awaken her latent abilities? Did being around when the snaps happened hepled awaken her potential, or was that letting the grief get to her? 

If Agatha saw what was happening and came to see, why didn’t Doctor Strange come to check what was happening as well? I mean it was going on for a while, there would be enough time for him to find out, I mean he showed up when Loki was on earth in Thor 3. 

Will this lead to an almost reverse house of M, as this was kind of an adaptation on a story where Wanda and vision have children that are found out to be pieces of mephisto’s soul (parts of the soul of essentially the devil, comics for ya) with Agatha being Wanda’s teacher that she defeats in that story. I mean Wanda’s barrier gave Monica abilities, or at the least awakened latent abilities? So will something in the future lead to Wanda being the cause of the emergence of Mutants? I mean with the power that 2 infinity gauntlet snaps and Wanda losing her shit with her new abilities could cause that.

Will The twins come back, and how? Are they out in the multiverse somewhere (with the tease at the end) or will they be reincarnated like in the comics? 

What will happen with White Vision going forward? Will he end up with Wanda? How is he different from OG Vision since he doesn’t have the Mindstone?

Why did the director want to make Wanda out to be a villain, he had OG vision the whole time? In reality he didn’t really push her to do what she did, so why do it? Did he do it to test out the new version? Or did he do it to get the energy to power the new vision? Does the new vision have all the same abilities, or did he lose any mind abilities?

Will Wanda be the one to reforge the infinity stones? I mean in her world she recreated the Mind stone pretty well, especially since her recreated Vision was the same being and she couldn’t control him. Or will Wanda be apart of reforming the infinity stones since Endgame established how important they are to the universe? 

Now I will go onto some not really theories, but some speculation.

I think that Fake Pietro originally had a different origin but it was changed to what it was at some point. I think that Wanda will be an important character going forward, and could even be one of the main focuses of the next phase. I think that something will happen to that will cause Wanda to use her abilities to introduce Mutants into the MCU, but this would happen further down the line when Marvel is ready for that. 

I think that a part of Dr. Strange 2 will be finding Wanda’s children in the multiverse. I think that White Vision may have a part in it. 

It’ll be interesting to see where things go from here and if we’ll see the angry side of  Wanda come out again, like there’s a part of the show where she is kind of villainous and it’s interesting that we don’t see it much.

In terms of a sequel or second season, I don’t really see there being a second season of the show as it would be hard to follow up and explain what’s happening, unless someone else is doing it to Wanda for some reason. I mean I would like to see how the could do a series like this for different genres of shows (like supernatural mystery, action, superhero shows etc). I just don’t see how they can do it again. 

I still think the show is pretty good, it just raises a bunch of questions that might not have answers.

If anyone has any ideas or wants to talk about these, leave a comment below!

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