Captain Marvel (2019) Review

Captain Marvel came out in March of 2019 to some fanfare. This movie had a bit of hype surrounding it for being the first female lead Marvel movie. Response to it was mostly positive leaning mixed. Which I feel is pretty accurate for the movie. As we’ll see in the review, it’s not a bad movie, but its also not a great movie.

So I just got back from seeing Captain Marvel, it was pretty good. The movie has this fun tone surrounding it. The narrative is pretty formulaic, but I kind of has to be as it’s an origin story, a prequel story, and a set-up for future movies. I think it works well as a majority if the origin stuff comes from Carol discovering her past throughout the movie. It goes a lot of the places you expect it too. Even the twist is pretty expected, especially if you know of the character from the comics. Even with these issues I feel that the movie is well-paced and makes good use of the time period it’s set in. It works to establish things that we know of in the universe, which I will not mention due to spoilers. It goes places that you both expect and don’t expect given the characters and their relationships in the comics, especially between the two alien races that are focused on within the movie. The comedy works well in the movie, especially the comedy that comes from the characters and relationships.

The characters and performances are all pretty good and effective. Brie Larson as Carol was pretty good. She is an Oscar winning actress for a reason and gives a pretty good performance as a brainwashed rogue soldier that is slowly learning her true past and what her true purpose will be. She’s a badass that’s headstrong and emotional, but makes use of her emotions. She’s confident in her abilities and learns throughout to movie to be confident in herself and her emotions. There’s also some really good scenes and emotional acting when she really gets into her past. Her relationship with the other characters are pretty good, especially the relationship between her and Fury.

Sam Jackson as Nick Fury was also really good, effective, and a lot of fun. We get to learn more about his past and even how he lost his eye, which is a pretty lame reason. His relationship with Carol feels a lot like a buddy cop comedy relationship does. His relationship with Goose the Cat is where a lot of the comedy comes from and is effective and works really well. 

Ben Mendelsohn as Talos was effective and a blast to watch. He gets a little meh after a certain point, but overall stays good. Lash Ana Lynch as Maria was also pretty good, and where a lot of the emotion in the film comes from. Jude Law as Yon-Rog is ok, it’s a good performance but the character is pretty ok overall. It’s kind of hard to describe as the character is pretty formulaic overall. The other characters in the film are pretty similar as they aren’t really given the time to be developed like the earth characters are. A big example of this are Korath and Ronan who are there to give som past to them but don’t really do anything in the movie other than being a fun cameo/call-back to GOTG. 

The action in the film was good, a lot of it is expected stuff. Some space battles, dog fights and some hand to hand fights. The Starforce characters has some cool abilities, especially Yon-Rog’s arm gravity sling things. Carol’s abilities were shown pretty well throughout the film and their effects were pretty good. They are simplified for the film, as with most characters. Overall the effects were pretty good and don’t really fall into the trap that Black Panther’s did with that final battle. The only iffy effects to me were on Coulson’s de-aging as it look too young. Although that is in comparison to the great job they did on Fury in the film. 

The score and soundtrack is pretty good and effective. The score is good at conveying emotions and epic moments but overall isn’t really all that noteworthy. Like the most memorable moments of the score are the kind of techno sounding bits as well as the use of the avengers notes during a scene at the end of the film. The soundtrack was used well throughout the film, about as good as most movies do. There are a few fun jokes and references at the time period of the film but doesn’t do much with it. 

My only real issues with the movie not mentioned earlier is that it really does feel like a phase one movie in a phase three world. To be fair if it was in phase one it would be one of the better movies, it’s just that there’s a lot of really strong and good movies in phase three so far. In terms of a comparison I feel like Wonder Woman was a better film overall in terms of characters, action and score. The flip side is that this film holds up better throughout the film and doesn’t fall apart in the final action set piece like Wonder Woman did. 

Also the opening crawl was great and is very emotional, as well as the Stan Lee cameo. 

Overall I’d say it’s a good movie that is worth going to see in the theatre. Two Thumbs Up !!

Ever since then my opinion hasn’t changed that much. It’s a good movie, a little middle of the road in terms of Marvel movies, but still good nonetheless. My biggest issue is how it feels like its a movie that should have come out during phase one and not at the end of phase three. It feels like a rush to set up the character for Endgame which didn’t work all that well. Over-all it’s still a good movie and worth seeing at least once.

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