Why aren’t Comedy Movies being made anymore?

This is going off of stuff I talked about in my post about PC culture. For a reminder, that post was a response to a lot of criticism I’ve seen around the internet about PC Culture with focus on Joker director Todd Phillips’ recent comments about comedies not being able to be made because of said PC Culture. To me comedy movies aren’t being made as much anymore because of the advent of the internet. The internet has effected the way comedy could be made in this day and age. For a movie to be a comedy now it needs to have another genre with it, it needs to be a movie that’s also funny. I feel this way as the internet has massively changed the way we consume our comedy. As the internet, streaming, and social media have become increasingly prevalent in our daily lives, and increasing number of people are turning to the internet to make a living. One of the biggest ways to do so is to do comedy. People love to say that comedy as a career is dying because everyone gets offended or that pc culture is killing it. In reality that’s a load of shite. Comedy is one of the most prevalent forms of entertainment on the internet. It’s just that there’s so many people out there doing their own comedy out there that traditional comics aren’t able to keep up. If you look at the popularity of gamers online a lot of the time they’re popular because they’re funny, not because they’re good at games. So many channels that started as gaming channels have transitioned over to doing all sorts of other content because they are funny and make people laugh. So much of the internet is devoted to making people laugh. Why pay to go see a comedy show when I can go online and find funny stuff online that tackles a lot of different topics.  Comedy is a very subjective thing, people aren’t always going to agree on what is funny. Comedy also changes all the time, with the rise of the internet that has become very much apparent. The internet has created an environment where our attention span has changed, and that’s for everything including comedy. The internet has created a world where everyone can through their opinion in and create whatever they want. The greatest example of this is memes. Memes are probably the most popular form of comedy on the internet. There are a lot of people out there that make their living off of creating and reacting to memes. Memes are the fastest trends out there as within weeks something can go from being seen everywhere to being forgotten about within the blink of an eye. Memes themselves have changed over time as people try to find more and more things to make into a meme, memes from 5 years ago are completely different than the ones found out there today. Even outside of the memes, the ability for anyone to make anything has allowed a situation where people don’t need to go through the traditional routes to have their comedy seen, they can just go online and make videos. So to me it makes sense to me that  comedy movies aren’t being made as much anymore, everything that the writers would be able to do is online already. It’s also why I say that PC culture stuff is BS because there’s some dark offensive comedy online that gets nothing. Theres a lot of dark humour, weird humour, and random humour out there that movies or comedians just can’t compete with. There’s so many memes that are work off other memes and bring back old memes to work with new memes. It’s insane. No comedian is going to be able to match the creativity or just weirdness of the internet. Even then, comedy movies are still being made and will always be made, they’re just not as prevalent anymore. 

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